You may have heard, there’s a new breed of venture capital firms investing in startups known as venture builders. Having said that, few people understand what venture building truly means, or how start-ups can benefit from this new style of investment.

Today we take a look at what it means to be a venture builder. We weigh up the costs, benefits and differences compared with the more traditional venture capital approach.

Finally, we take a unique look behind the scenes of what it’s like to work with one of Australia’s very few venture building studios here at Black Nova Group.

What is a Venture Building Studio?

At Black Nova Group we are a venture building studio, which simply means we provide practical ‘hands on’ venture capital in addition to the traditional style of financial investment.

Our mission is to dream, build and grow Australia’s next generation of iconic start-ups. As a venture builder we do not only invest financial resources, we actually work with our start-up founders side by side, on the ground level and down in the trenches. Effectively we act as their co-founder, giving them as little or as much help as they need on their journey to success.

It’s common knowledge that having a co-founder significantly increases a startup’s odds of success, “You will raise 30% more investment, grow your customers 3 times as fast, and will be less likely to scale too fast” (source:

We believe in a smarter model of investment which gives start-ups the best chance of success. One that gives them the capability and experience to engineer their rockets, team up, fuel up, launch and go interstellar. As a start-ups mission control centre we invest by delivering core business capabilities in the form of advisory, product development, software engineering, legal, accounting, marketing and talent acquisition services in tandem with financial investment.

Let’s make something great together.


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