Sihaty is a digital health company that is rethinking the way people experience healthcare. Healthcare is unnecessarily sterile and complicated for patients. And for doctors it is fraught with unusable applications and legacy software. 

Sihaty is here to change all that. At its core is a secure, HIPAA-compliant Telehealth platform that includes an urgent care triage workflow and a specialist appointment-based workflow. There are also many ancillary services and offerings that complement this ecosystem and turn it into omething that enriches the entire healthcare ecosystem.  


Rent Your Machine

Rent Your Machine is a light and heavy equipment rental marketplace that offers instant access to the widest range of light and heavy machinery at the most competitive prices. 

RYM takes away the hassle of contacting many equipment suppliers to find the right machine at the right price. Instead, it empowers you to focus on what matters: getting the construction job done.  

RYM is a unified place for all your equipment rental needs.



Khibra is the Middle East’s first platform connecting employers, universities and young talent. 

Khibra partners with leading universities to create a structured database of young talent. Khibra aims to deliver a seamless experience for HR professionals seeking to hire young talent by combining a professional network, an ATS system, and a job board, capturing the entire hiring journey under a single, user-friendly platform.  

Khibra also aims to guide students and young alumni on various aspects of launching their professional careers, including building their resumes, preparing them for interviews, and matching their skills to existing opportunities in the market. 

The List

THE LIST is a global e-commerce marketplace providing immediate access to a wide selection of curated luxury fashion and lifestyle products from the world’s best boutiques and brands anytime, anywhere. Customers gain unique access to shop the most coveted luxury brands, new trending labels and one-of-a-kind vintage gems from New York, Paris, London, Moscow, or Tokyo and have them delivered directly to their doorstep   

THE LIST handles the entire payment and delivery process including insurance, customs and clearance to ensure secure, easy and convenient shopping for their customers in over 190 countries  

Through its omni-channel business model the luxury fashion aggregator onboards new brick-and-mortar retailers and launches their merchandise much faster than traditional online retail. THE LIST provides its retail partners with a computer vision-based software integration to ensure an easy and automated inventory management.. 

With its iOS mobile application THE LIST is now adding a drop model to the regular marketplace providing consumers the opportunity to purchase highly demanded, limited and hard-to-get globally sourced products without VIP status, waiting list or queue at dynamic market prices. 


My Fatoorah

MyFatoorah, established in 2016, is the leading and fastest growing payment service provider in the GCC. Its various payment methods are known for their ease of integration, excellent customer care, and locality. MyFatoorah was one of the first players to introduce alongside its innovative payment gateways, services as wide ranging as invoicing solutions, POS solutions, and shipping services in collaboration with DHL. MyFatoorah also continuously adapts its products and services to the constantly changing commercial and regulatory needs, allowing businesses to better scale. 

With diverse service offerings including e-payment gateway solutions, direct payment links, Invoicing, Point-of-Sale Systems, and 24/7 customer service support, it is a hassle-free way to enhance your business. 

Its smart technology makes it simple for businesses to invoice and collect payments, and quick deposit times through all major banks help businesses manage their cash-flow. With MyFatoorah, collecting payments is made simple so you can focus on scaling your business  

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