We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs to build the next generation of disruptive ventures in the Middle East.

What we do

We are a Kuwait-based venture builder that leverages an internal complementary ecosystem of talent, proprietary knowledge, infrastructure and other critical resources to build new ventures from the ground up. We ideate and identify new, lucrative business opportunities in the region, found and execute those ideas, accelerate the growth of these ventures, facilitate access to institutional funding through our networks of potential investors, and ultimately aid in achieving successful exits. 

The Taken Seat is “A startup of startups”.

Our centralized venture builder team comes up with disruptive startup ideas and execute them efficiently. By utilizing their understanding of the markets and customers in the region, leveraging their personal networks to acquire talent and create teams, and using their entrepreneurial experience, our team assists with the development and growth of each startup. We are very hands-on and operational at the inception stage, but our ventures gradually get autonomy and grow to spin-off as independent entities.

We are
The Taken Seat

We believe the greatest challenges can be solved through us. We build and support teams to get things done.

We help unite the people, technology, and resources to solve society’s most urgent challenges through entrepreneurship.

Let’s make something great together.



Al Hamra Tower, 59th Floor,Al Shuhada Street, Sharq, Kuwait City.


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