The Taken Seat, one of the first digital venture builders in the MENA region, has taken a non-control stake in KHIBRA, the Middle East’s first recruitment platform focusing on young talent.

The Taken Seat is a Kuwait-based venture builder that leverages an internal complementary ecosystem of talent, proprietary knowledge, infrastructure and other critical resources to build multiple new ventures across the MENA region. Founded by brothers Musab and Abdullah Almutawa, it seeks to ideate and identify new lucrative business opportunities in the GCC and wider MENA, to execute those ideas, to accelerate the growth of these ventures, to facilitate access to institutional funding, and ultimately to aid in achieving successful exits.

KHIBRA aims to be the leading young talent recruitment platform in the Middle East, a segment that is not currently addressed by mainstream recruitment efforts whether online or offline. The platform connects young talent and universities with multinational employers, bringing the companies operating in the region closer to future leaders and education hubs in more than seven countries. Built in the region for the region, KHIBRA has adapted its products and services to serve today’s evolving operating environment. With KHIBRA, companies can directly and transparently access young talent and immediately participate in virtual and in-person career fairs. In its first month, KHIBRA has already facilitated over 1,500 job applications.

“We were impressed with KHIBRA’s focused approach catered to the region and with the traction it has already achieved with employers and universities,” said The Taken Seat’s COO Abdulaziz Albahar. “We are thrilled to partner with the talented team at KHIBRA and will strive to help grow the business at an even faster rate.”

Fahad Alsabah, Founder & CEO of KHIBRA, noted that “The Taken Seat brings to the table advanced tech capabilities, a strong regional network, and an unparalleled team that will help drive KHIBRA’s future growth. We look forward to collaborating with them to create synergies and unlock tremendous value to employers, universities, and, most importantly, the region’s youth.”

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